Frequently Asked Questions


Our closest home beach is 5 kilometers away, which is Praia da Areia Branca – takes 10 minutes with the car, 21 minutes with bike and 1 hour 21 minutes on foot.

Yes, we have options to park cars next to the house. For free.

Room options are

  • Double Room (more info)
  • Shared Room (more info)
  • Glamping Experience (more info)

Yes, we have a natural water pool filled with ground water. No chemicals added, colour varies from crystal blue to emerald green. Even dogs can drink the water.

Nearest airport is Lisbon airport, which is 50 minutes by car.

Check-in time is 14:00 and check-out time is 11.00.

Our sustainability includes:

  • Efficient water consumption management. For example our natural pool is a water from the ground.
  • Our energy management includes solar panels to heat the water for the guests. Solar panels also provide electricity during the day and they also power our lamps in the garden or around the house.
  • Our waste management contains separation of waste and re-using materials were possible. Food scraps are processed into a quick compost.
Yes, pets are welcome. And we have 600 m2 of garden. Plenty of space for everyone.

You can also fly to Lissabon and we pick you up from there. For the best experience we do recommend to rent a car to be independent though.

Sure, you can also decide to join our surf courses on the spot even if you don`t stay at The Far End Surf House.

You may be interested to rent the villa for your yoga retreat, birthday celebration or team event. Please use contact form to reach out for more details. 

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