Woman carrying a surfboard

Those Short Surf Videos Will Make You Want to Learn to Surf

Those videos will make you want to learn to surf or if you already surf then probably they will make you want to grab a board and jump into water to catch couple of sweet waves.

Beautiful surfing at Byron Bay

Smooth surfing in Byron Bay, Australia. Surfer girl, Jorgelina Reyero from Argentina is capturing the beauty of empty surf. We love it!

Cypher Vision

Kelly Slater, Julian Wilson, Dane Reynolds and Jeremy Flores are filmed at 1000 frames per second with a revolutionary camera that had never been used to photograph or film the ocean surf.

Surf the Southern Coast of Portugal, the End of the Road

Two athletes represented in this video showcase very different ends of the surfing sphere, with the graceful longboard surfing skills of Andrea Molina Torn counterbalanced with the power-based short board approach of the hard-charging Eric Rebiere.

Surfing Tricks Compilation

Compilation video showcasing different surfing tricks, turns and maneuvers featuring the world’s best surfers. It will make you want to go back to the water and try something out.

Surfing from bird’s eye perspective

Amazing complilation to turn your surf mojo on.